managing expectations

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and assertions of this site are my own. I am an imperfect man, with the purest of intentions. I don’t have it all figured out, but I have a desire to follow in the faultless footsteps of my risen Savior. This desire fuels my daily mission to be better than the day before. This quest, dare I say plight, for self-betterment, incorporates mental, physical, financial, and for obvious reasons, spiritual well-being. Living with the end in mind, I ultimately want to hear “well done” from my King when I leave this life. While I’m still here, I want my efforts to yield the following results: I feel better about myself because I know better and I’m able to make better decisions. I feel better about myself because I look better. I feel better about myself because I am an asset and not a liability. And, most of all, I feel better about myself because God loves me unconditionally. I want these same things for the people I love and reach on a daily basis.

I can, and will, do bad all by myself.

That’s why I die daily, exchanging my will for God’s. It’s a delusion to believe this journey has a clear and unobstructed path. No. Each of these desired outcomes has its own set of unique and exasperating challenges. But, I am surrounding myself with like-minded individuals that are stout in these areas, trust God, and willingly reciprocate accountability.

Don’t sleep on me, I am known to stay awake.

Although I am a man of God, God made me a black man. At times, the world would like me to believe that these two actualities are juxtaposed, as though they are mutually exclusive, and I am forced to choose a side. Even if that were true, I know my origin is in the bravado of the Most High. There is a falsehood that is becoming far too widely accepted, that one can’t observe the white man’s religion and be sympathetic to the black man’s oppression. But, my blackness is not compromised by pious ambition, nor is my sanctification slackened by my cultural identity. Not only can the two coexist, but they are complimentary by enriching one another. Furthermore, I’d like to believe that saying “the darker the skin, the deeper the roots” is applicable to the linkage between the modern-day church and the Early Church. But, I digress.

(Cues “Bigger Stronger” by Beleaf)


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