a message from hope

Could you imagine being a Golden State Warrior right at this moment? You’re one of the defending champs on the brink of history.You began the season on a trajectory that would see your team go further and higher than any team before you. You need to win just four games to break the twenty-year-old regular season win record, held by the ’96 Chicago Bulls.  But, gravity is pulling you down.

Your final four games are scheduled over a 6-day span. Two are against the chronic championship contender San Antonio Spurs, and two are against a Memphis Grizzlies team that is right in the thick of of the Western Conference playoff race. You have back-to-back games in Memphis and San Antonio. 

 Logic says the numbers are against you, and that you will lose a minimum of one game, maybe even two. You’ve lost two of your last three games. Fatigue has set in. Your confidence is waning. Chicago fans are rooting against you. Haters say you aren’t good enough. 

Hope says something different. Hope has a message for you:

All eyes on me.

Forget about your circumstances and concentrate on me. You’ve lost your focus. You were doing great from the comforts of your safe vessel. But now that the wind has started to blow, and the water has gotten a bit rougher, you are worried that you might sink.You asked me to take the wheel. I will get you to point B as long as you stay focused on me.

All eyes on me, you stubborn and forgetful man.

Look to where your help cometh. I know you’re tired, but it wasn’t your strength in the first place. You are but a clay jar. Everything you’ve done, you’ve done it through me.  How quickly you dismiss from mind that I renewed you yesterday and every day before that, since the beginning.

Keep your eyes on me.

Trust the process. I know precisely the plans I have for you, and I receive no glory from broken promises. You are persecuted, but I haven’t abandoned you. You might be struck down, but you’re not destroyed. Eyes on me.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t have to imagine you are one of the Golden State Warriors to know the submerging feeling of odds being stacked against you. Warriors of a different arena, we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges every day. Insert your struggle here, and Hope has the same message for you. Hope had a plan in mind for you, before you knew Hope. Keep your focus on Hope, its track record speaks for itself.


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