a truth moment

As my oldhead always says, “Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation.”

One of the worst places to be without an objective is college. There, you’ll be traveling aimlessly for four or more years. When I started college, I had a target. I wanted to be a lawyer. But I saw some people wondering aimlessly and they looked like they were having more fun. So I started traveling with them.

Do you know what happens to people with a purpose who begin to travel with people without purpose? They get distracted. They get sidetracked. They lose sight of their target. They begin to look like they are traveling aimlessly.

For my first four years at Lincoln, my journey had the appearance of an aimless traveler. I looked like I was traveling without a purpose because the people around me were traveling without a purpose. And it’s not that they’re life didn’t have purpose, but they had never committed to it.

Sidebar: Fun is not an end goal, it’s a byproduct.


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