losing my primary motivation

My Primary Motivation - O. ChambersIt seems pretty contradictory to say that I will gain freedom when I give up all rights to myself. But, I find that’s the essence of being a slave, a bondservant, of Jesus Christ. It means aligning myself with Christ before His resurrection and nailing my will to the cross alongside Him. It means finding my identity in a crucified Christ, and not just a risen Savior. This is my reasonable sacrifice.

I remember trying to compromise with God over my sanctification. “Change this part of me God, but I want this part to stay the same.” (That conversation sounded a lot like one I would have with my barber when I sit in his chair. It sounded like consumer’s gospel, “What can God do for me?”) But, I soon learned that a partial or abridged transformation is really no transformation at all. The desire to do what makes me happy is the root of sin in our lives. It’ll spread like wildfire if not completely snuffed out.

If I am to be completely conformed to the likeness of Christ, it means surrendering all the bargaining chips I have left. It means no longer being concerned with my own happiness. It means only concerning myself with what pleases God and entrusting Him with my happiness.

Sidebar: This is not that pillow talk Gospel that you might be used to. I ain’t whispering sweet nothings in your ears. The Gospel that I know is a love story, but it’s also a call to daily death. #getfree#theGOODlife


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